GGI presenting at CES Conference

GGI is keen to be attending and presenting at the CES National Conference in Halifax at the end of May. We will be giving the following presentations:

Marie-Philippe Lemoine and Simon Roy will make a presentation about developing recommendations in program evaluation. As agents of change, evaluators have the opportunity to assess performance and make recommendations to improve organizations. However, formulating purposeful and actionable recommendations can be challenging. Based on our corporate experience and literature, we will present various types of recommendations, and proven strategies to develop them. This process can start right at the evaluation design stage, and continue through the fieldwork and reporting phases. Strategies include choice of evaluation methodologies, the use of experts and literature, and an iterative participatory approach with program representatives. As recommendations can elicit resistance from some stakeholders during the reporting phase, we will also present strategies to secure buy-in from key players.

Leah Simpkins, Sara Mitchell and Marie-Philippe Lemoine will be making a presentation on May 27th entitled “Choose Your Own Evaluation: interactive scenario-based exercise with experienced and emerging evaluators”. This activity proposes to test an interactive scenario-based model for learning. Participants, including both emerging and experienced evaluators, will be walked through evaluation scenarios and called to make decisions at key junctures, in an environment where there are no wrong or right answers. They will face practical evaluation challenges and their choices will influence the course of the scenario – much like adventurers steering their ship or crossing perilous bridges. Teams of 3-4 will discuss their options and, using instant polling software (e.g., PollEverywhere), propose a course of action. The objective is to simulate situations evaluators face in their practice, and stimulate discussions around ways to navigate challenges and build experience. The presentation will also touch on opportunities for developing professionals.  This activity is meant to build bridges between new and experienced evaluators, bridge the gap between theory and practice and provide participants with a better understanding of how common evaluation challenges can be managed. Insights from this activity will be used to draft a document destined to emerging evaluators.

Leah Simpkins will be participating in a Thematic Breakfast Roundtable on May 29th with the CES Sustainability Working Group.  The roundtable is entitled “Bridging to Greener Pastures”.  At the 2018 Annual General Meeting, CES approved a motion to launch a Sustainability Working Group (SWG) to assist the CES Board and membership to advance environmental sustainability that integrates equity and the needs of future generations.   At this Lighting Round Table, SWG volunteers will share products from two “tracks” of our mandate:  improving the footprint of CES as an organization, and enhancing evaluator competency for sustainability-focussed practice.  SWG members will offer an orientation to the SWG Terms of Reference, the c2019 Conference Greening Rubric, and other key products.  Through guided discussion, participants will be then invited to exchange on their own priorities and suggestions for future SWG action.  Input from participants will be compiled and integrated into SWG planning and reporting.